The Dory


The Dory has been a Shelter Island waterfront landmark since 1925. Set right on Chase Creek, the restaurant is within walking distance to many businesses within Shelter Island and has a picturesque view of the harbor right in front across the street. The exterior is bright brick red and evokes a classic, All-American seaside feel. The size in the front of the restaurant can be deceiving as the restaurant expands back towards the creek rather than sideways.

The bar is really eye-catching and eclectic. You can come in to play pool with your friends after 10pm. As you go toward the back of the restaurant, there is an island-inspired tiki bar where you could enjoy summer-inspired cocktails and listen to live music on select nights.

crab cake the dory shelter island

The tables in the large, back deck are very close together, so it was a little tricky navigating with the stroller but luckily, we were allowed to have it out in the restaurant as Sarah was resting during our lunchtime. First, we split a dozen order of the Local Greenport Oysters ($18.95). These oysters really hit the spot. I love those large, succulent oysters and these you can’t find anywhere else. There is nothing like local oysters right off the boat.

Our orders took some time as each food item, according to their menu, is made to order. For lunch, my husband ordered the Crab Cake served with Asian Slaw and Lemon Aioli ($15) and I ordered The Dory Lobster Roll ($22.95). The lobster roll was topped with dried bacon bits and the lobster meat is mixed with crispy, chopped celery all on a bed of lettuce. I gobbled the lobster roll right up. I loved the addition of the salty bacon bites that really kicked up the flavor. I bet this is a favorite among the regular customers and I would order this again during our next visit. The crab cake was generously portioned and the chopped Asian slaw salad underneath was a great compliment. The sprinkle of cilantro on top was very smart.

Lobster Roll the dory shelter island

The restaurant was understaffed as there was only one waitress (a very sweet lady), who was waiting on five tables. In addition, when we asked for the check, it took a while to receive our credit card back as to our understanding, it was a new transaction machine and the waitress was unsure of how to use it. Hopefully it will run smoother next time.

The Dory is open daily from 11:30am-11:30pm. For more information, please visit


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