The Driver’s Seat


Editor’ note: this restaurant has closed

We have past the Driver’s Seat several times during our visits to Southampton, but have never eaten here before. However, a few years back on a whim, my husband and I stopped in for a few drinks after an afternoon event. I love the exterior of the building; about ten years ago it used to have a dark, rustic front, but now it is so much more inviting and cheerful. Inside, there is a generous amount of seating in both the front and back rooms, with even more seating on their back patio. The also have an outdoor bar adjacent to the outdoor seats. These seats outside are circular tables and are shaded with white Voss umbrellas. It is so picturesque outside; there are many eye-catching, colorful flowers and it is nice and quiet in the back, away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen.

We choose to sit outside because if we were to have sat inside, it would have been in the back right next to the kitchen door because of our daughter’s carriage. Even though the hostess notified us that there were bees outside, it didn’t really matter to us, and to be honest, we did not see any outside while we were eating. I definitely appreciated the warning, but for me and my family, it wouldn’t be much different than a picnic in a garden or on our front lawn.

Our waitress was extremely courteous and polite. I was very impressed with the service and they were very attentive throughout our dining experience. A big added bonus (as always) is when they remember to bring you additional hot sauce and my favorite honey mustard sauce as noted in our initial order. I can’t tell you how many times I have been to a restaurant and have asked more than once for sauce on the side. Their honey mustard sauce was delicious by the way!

For lunch, my husband ordered their grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and a pickle served with a side of french fries. He enjoyed his sandwich very much; the chicken was flavorful and grilled perfectly. I knew right away what I wanted to order: their California turkey burger with grilled, caramelized onions, alfalfa sprouts, and a generous amount of avocado with a pickle and cole slaw on the side. You could also have a side salad instead of the cole slaw or french fries. My burger grilled perfectly: juicy, and substantially filling. I loved the cole slaw; it reminded me of my favorite cole slaw that was always served as part of your meal at John Duck’s which is now Seasons of Southampton on Prospect Street. We ate everything right up!

For dessert they offer such sweet treats as flan Napolitano, carrot cake (both $8 each), a chocolate volcano ($7), and a brownie a la mode ($8). I would love to learn more about their chocolate volcano; that sounds great for sharing with children. That would be really neat if the chocolate volcano had an “erupting” molten lava center with perhaps red and yellow sprinkles to add on the side for later. I will have to try that during the next visit, I am interested in learning more about that.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. For more information, please visit


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