The Food Safety Book Giveaway


With the December holiday season in full swing, it is so critical that adults (and children) cooking and prepping meals be aware of how to minimize the risk of food borne illnesses. The Food Safety Book: What You Don’t Know Could Kill You is so full of information and easy to read, it might as well be named “The Kitchen Bible.” This handy book will help you stay safe in the kitchen, and guide you to make smart choices when bagging your groceries and selecting the best fruits and vegetables in the grocery store or at the markets.

The Food Safety Book covers three themes: food safety, food quality, and food longevity. There are dozens upon dozens of times that I have opened my refrigerator and could not be certain how long specific vegetables can remain in the fridge, the last day leftover food should be consumed, proper thawing time, and the ideal storage location for food items. To assist in ensuring that you stay healthy and safe during these joyous occasions, I am giving away one hardcopy of The Food Safety Book to my readers!

Author Joe Kivett teamed up with Dr. Mark Tamplin, a professor and renowned foodborne pathogen scientist, to offer answers to just about every food safety, food quality and food storage-related question one might have. The Food Safety Book chapters are sequenced to mimic the way most consumers encounter food: first, choosing it in the grocery store, bringing it home, properly storing it in a clean cooking environment until it’s used, and identifying foodborne illness.

The book also includes a comprehensive 41-page “A to Z” Guide with more than 375 entries on selecting and storing over 75 fruits and vegetables. There’s also information about food in the great outdoors as well as food guidelines for when traveling abroad.

The Food Safety Book is ideal for:

  • Home cooks hosting a holiday meal or preparing one for themselves or for their families
  • Newlyweds setting up their very first kitchen
  • New parents who need to be informed about proper food storage and longevity
  • College kids feeding, and fending for, themselves for the first time
  • Travelers who need to ensure illness-free journeys

The Food Safety Book is available in print at for $13.99 and for KindleNook and iPad for $9.99.

For the giveaway, one winner will be selected within the U.S. The giveaway ends Friday, December 16th.


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