The Importance of “Me” Time

Me Time

Often, we believe we need to push ourselves beyond what we can handle. It is so easy to feel the need to fill up our schedules because our open time is seen as free time instead of “me” time. Finding the time for yourself can be difficult when the demands of life take over. But, this is your chance to give your brain a moment to reboot, improve concentration levels, increase productivity, and solve problems effectively. Your mental and physical health is just as important as everything else on your agenda.

“Me,” time allows for a better sense of balance and self-awareness that can lead to a better understanding of yourself. When you begin to give yourself away too much, you start to lose your individuality. Scheduling time for yourself becomes vital to your health when you notice the toll it is taking on your body. It may seem like a silly practice, but this is how you will be able to remind yourself and hold yourself accountable. Also, make your time count. It is tempting to spend your free time running errands or other tasks that might seem pressing but do not be tempted. You do not have to spend a lot of time, but it must be for yourself.

The Importance of Me Time

The point of “me” time is less of what activities you want to be a part of and more of having time set aside to focus on yourself. It is okay to stay in or go out alone to enjoy your own company. What you want becomes what is next on the agenda. You start to lose interest in the things you love because you cannot enjoy them anymore as you are constantly moving to the next activity. One way to clear your mind, is to literally remove yourself from your day-to-day environment.

Whether it is reading, working out, catching happy hour, taking a long weekend to yourself, or enjoying a nice dinner; it is important to take this time. You need to be your own best advocate and friend. It is always motivational when you care enough about yourself to know that you are worth it and can love being alone.  Having time to yourself is beneficial by avoiding irritability and helps you better control your emotions. Not taking time for yourself can lead to tiredness, attention span problems and basically running yourself into the ground.

The most important thing in life is you. Life’s greatest gifts come from knowing the importance of laughter and love. However, you need to listen to your needs and then actually fulfill them.

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Hannah Moses is a contributing author for Chicago Weight Loss & Wellness


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