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This post features a review of The Lobster Roll (also known as LUNCH) from last summer to give you a sneak peak for the upcoming season.

I first visited LUNCH during the summer of 2012. Soon after my first visit, I found myself visiting there for a late lunch over six times in one season. Located on the Napeague stretch (pronounced Na-peak), it is hard to miss from the road. My party and I were always greeted promptly and brought to our table. I have a few favorite wait staff employees that consistently provide prompt, kind service, but the staff in general is friendly and accomodating. We almost always sit inside in one of the booths close to the side entrance, though one time we sat in the back of the restaurant in the indoor patio area. Since the restaurant is child friendly, most families choose to sit in the back of the restaurant or outside. If you prefer a quiet area to dine, I recommend inside. I like that it never gets too cold or hot inside; some restaurants tend to blast the air conditioning, which can become very uncomfortable. I like that This restaurant is family friendly. I look forward to taking my daughter there when she gets a little older.

 Without a doubt, I really emptied my wallet at LUNCH. Lobster rolls anywhere are not cheap, and in the Hamptons, you can expect to pay a substantial amount. However, at $26 a roll and up, the experience is well worth it. I highly suggest, since the lobster rolls are filling. That of course depends upon our appetite. A side of fries are an additional charge. As an alternative to to the full lobster roll, you can order a substantial cup of clam chowder and a lobster roll slider for around $15. Their clam chowder is full of flavor and very hearty. I usually order either the slider and soup combo or the lobster roll, depending upon how hungry I am. The lobster rolls come with a small side of coleslaw, that pairs very well with their seafood platters. Though I will not give away their secret recipe, I will tell you that the lobster meat used in their rolls is from a specific part of the lobster, which is why it has that tangy, sweet taste. One time my party and I ordered a platter of french fries to share. Their french fries are good but not my favorite. There was only one time I ordered something different from the lobster roll because I had a craving for clam strips, which are superb and even more filling than the lobster roll. I could’t even finish my dish! I love to order their tall, refreshing glass of pink lemonade and a glass of water with lemon wedges on the side. If you ask, they will provide a pitcher of water for table.

You can argue that these lobster rolls are the best on the east end, there is no question about it. The hot dog roll the lobster meat is served on is warm, lightly toasted and buttered. The fresh lobster meat is overstuffed into the bun mixed with minced pieces of crunchy celery. Though I will not give away their secret recipe, I will tell you that the lobster meat used in their rolls is from a specific part of the lobster, which is why it has that tangy, sweet taste.

You must not skip out on dessert. Their “s’more” dessert is a fun finger food– hot and gooey, a favorite with the young ones. This is a dessert not to split! Their key lime pie is also very good. All desserts are homemade in house.

Just be careful eating the lobster rolls. Only once did I find a piece of shell mixed up in the lobster meat. Keep your eye out but it is uncommon. A different dish I hope to try for my next visit is their fish and chips.

To skip the crowds, I recommend stopping in after 2pm, with the quietest hours between 3 and 5pm. They also usually have margarita specials in the late afternoon.

The lobster roll’s “country cousin” is located on Sound Avenue in Riverhead. I have not visited that location myself, but my grandpa used to dine there when he did work in the area and always enjoyed his experience. If I make it up that way I will write a review.

The Lobster Roll is open from early May to late October. They will be opening for the summer season on Friday, May 2nd. Along with their traditional menu, they offer a gluten free menu. Visit their website at


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