The Must-Have Interior Décor of 2020

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It’s a new year, a new decade, and a new chance for you to spice up your style and revamp the interior of your home. As you head into the 2020’s, why not opt for some interesting new interior decorations that truly express the spirit of the decade? While luxury travel is always something we celebrate here at Hamptons Living, it’s also important that when you arrive back at home after a long journey, you have a cozy and restful place to land. Check out these absolute must-have interior decorations for your house or apartment, and step into the 2020s in a chic and exciting way!

Mid-century furniture

Wait – didn’t we just say that it’s time to update your interiors to fit the spirit of the decade? Why would mid-century furniture be the way to do that? Well, as the old saying goes, what goes around comes around, and what was once old news is now a hip trend. Herman Miller, the purveyor of chic and timeless office and home interiors, is seeing a resurgence with its classic Eames Chair, a lounge luxury staple that sets the mood of a whole room.

The best part about mid-century accents on your interior is that it can build from the minimalism that had all but totally taken over contemporary design in the 2020s. The minimal backdrop really allows the style of a midcentury piece to stand out, and if you’re looking to add more visual character to your interiors, midcentury accents can certainly do the job. If you’re curious about updating your living space with some of the fine furniture stylings of this classic brand, you can find a Herman Miller retailer with their handy online tool.

personalized farmhouse touches interior design - East End Taste

Personalized farmhouse touches

While minimalism may have been all the rage of the 2010’s design world, trends are shifting somewhat, and the austere lines and raw materials of the last decade are giving way to more homey touches and personalized flair. One way that you can benefit from this turn in style is by opting for a farmhouse aesthetic for your living space.

This style, which harkens back to simpler, more rural days in America, is ideal for a family home. The common themes of a farmhouse interior include plenty of white-painted walls, often made from wood boards called shiplap, along with white-painted brick interior features like chimneys. Honey-stained wood furniture pieces accent the white interiors for a folksy, charming, and inviting vibe.

An excellent addition to any farmhouse style family home is custom canvases, mugs, or plagues! They capture the fun of family time and adorn your walls with interesting conversation-starters for when guests stop in. CanvasPeople, a well-known customized crafts shop, has particularly striking options that customers seem to love. Just a quick glance at CanvasPeople reviews shows many who purchase these decorations are thrilled with the products. Don’t be afraid to be bold and authentic in your celebration of family and friends.

plants in home interior decor - East End Taste

Plants on plants on plants

Striding into 2020 in style means decking your home with as many houseplants as possible. The urban jungle aesthetic has reached a fever pitch, and those with an eye for design can’t help but stuff their homes with plants. Having a few tall standing house palms, paired with smaller luscious philodendrons on bookshelves, and tons of succulents on desks and tables is a great way to make your interior leafy, inviting, and design savvy.

For those with busy schedules, there are great ways to fill your home with leafy greens even if you can’t make it out to the nursery after a long and hectic day at work. House Plant Shop has a great online store where you can subscribe to receive a houseplant every month, with plans starting at as little as $12. And don’t worry if you’ve got a bit of a brown thumb. The Plant Blog by House Plant Shop offers helpful tips, tricks, and advice for keeping your leafy pets happy and healthy, no matter your plant care skill level.

Whether you choose to go for a savvy and slick mid-century aesthetic for your bachelor or bachelorette pad, or a warm and welcoming farmhouse interior to host large family events, plants make a great option. Spruce up your living space, and welcome the 2020s with bold new style choices that are sure to impress!