The NYC Hamburger: Where to Find the Best Burger in NYC


When you think of New York City food, you’re likely picturing a giant greasy slice of pizza or a salty bagel piled high with whipped cream cheese, lox, and all the fixing.

While that’s all fine and dandy, you’re missing one of the best dishes New York Has to offer — the burger.

Keep reading learn where you can bite into the best burger in Manhattan.

The Best Burger In The West Village: The Fedora Burger At Bar Sardine

This tiny West Village spot is a go-to for first date drinks, so it’s possible you didn’t know it also serves up a pretty fantastic burger. You might think to go to Corner Bistro up the street, but that would be a mistake.

Instead, bite into the Fedora Burger named after the owner Gabe Stulman’s other spot a few doors down. This bite has easily the city’s most interesting burger combination of a juicy Pat LaFrieda patty, layered with smokey cheddar and drizzled with BBQ mayo, tangy pickles, crisp red onions, sandwiched between a toasted flat bun.

It’s smokey and sweet and it pairs perfectly with crispy delicate shoestring fries.

The Burger At Boilermaker

At this bar known for its beer and shot specials, you will also find an excellent burger at the fair price of $11 for a double or $8 for a single. It’s a dollar extra if you want to add some cheese or bacon.

It comes with pickled vegetables straight from the Philippines, adding a tangy sweet and sour flavor with the juicy meat.

The Burger At Raul’s

Thrillist’s National Burger Critic once called this burger the Best in Manhattan. And it’s a hard burger to get your hands on, as only 12 are made every night. You can only get these burgers at the bar, and you’ll want to get there a little before the kitchen opens at 5:30 p.m. to get a bite.

The brisket-heavy patty is perfectly seared and topped with rich triple-cream Saint-André, cornichons, tangy red onions, and peppery greens, wrapped in a soft challah bun.

Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort At The Spotted Pig

This famous chargrilled burger with Roquefort is served up at April Bloomfield’s Michelin-starred restaurant. This is a real bare-bones cheeseburger. Meaning there is no lettuce, onion or tomato, and you don’t need those fixings.

Instead, you get a super thick organic beef patty topped with deliciously stinky cheese, wrapped in a freshly baked bun with criss-cross branded grill marks. Just make sure you don’t fill up with the mountain of shoestring fries that come with this tall burger.

Sebastian’s Steakhouse Burger at Brindle Room

The menu here is full of comfort food like pork confit poutine, chicken wings, and spaghetti with meatballs. But what you can’t miss here, is the Steakhouse Burger. It’s incredibly simple with a patty that is a dry-aged blend of steak trimmings, ground beef, and the fatty part of a rib eye.

The patty is slightly charred and topped with sweet caramelized onions and salty American Cheese. You don’t need any extra sauces, just some ketchup and extra napkins.

The ShackBurger At The Shake Shack

While these burgers are now everywhere, and the lines are still long, this burger still remains one of the best in the city. Not only is the ShackBurger cheap by New York standards at $5.55 for a single or $8.95 for a double.

This simple burger is made with quality meat that beats fast-food expectations but is still greasy and cheesy.

Hook Burger at Red Hook Lobster Pound

If you find yourself in Red Hook, Brooklyn, you can’t miss this unexpected burger at this spot known for its lobster rolls. Red Hook Lobster pound butter and grills it’s buns on both sides making it the perfect setting for this dry-aged thick short rib and brisket blend patty.

The Emmy Burger At Emily

Another can’t miss Brooklyn Burger at an unexpected spot. Emily is known for thin-crust pizza, but the Emmy burger isn’t a throwaway addition to the menu. What you want to do is order your pizza on the side of your burger.

Chef Matt Hyland has made the perfect dry-aged burger using different butches and different ways of preparing it.

Today this burger is made with a dry-aged Fleisher’s patty, dripping in Grafton Cheddar, topped with sweet caramelized onions, and buffalo-like Emmy Sauce, sandwiched in a Tom Cat pretzel bun.

Only one thing, both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Emmy locations serve up a limited amount of these burgers every night, so you want to get there early.

The Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern

This $33 Greenwich Village burger is cheeseless, but it’s still a favorite. It’s made with nine juicy ounces of prime-grade, skirt streak, dry-aged rib eye, and brisket. Topped with caramelized onions and on a seeded Balthazar brioche bun.

Cheeseburger at J.G. Melon

This uptown burger is an oldie but a classic. This corner tavern has been making the best burgers in town in 1972. Each eight-ounce medium-rare patty is griddled diner-style on a flat top.

The burger is served open-faced topped with melted American cheese on a lightly toasted bun with all the classic fixings.

Cheeseburger at Burger Joint

This midtown west burger can be found at the hidden spot in the upscale Parker Meridien, This burger is a perfect re-creation of patties served in 1972.

You’ll feel like you’re in 1972 as you slide into this spot’s vinyl booths and take a bite of this burger topped with iconic ingredients like Arnold’s buns and Heinz ketchup

These burgers are perfectly juicy but still charred and they’re one of the more affordable burgers in the city.

Plan Your NYC Burger Trip Today

Now that you know where to get the best burger or shall we say burgers in Manhattan, it’s time to plan that trip. Take yourself on a Manhattan burger tour and enjoy some of the best beef patties this city has to offer.

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