The Perfect Father’s Day Gift with Ghurka

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Searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift that will make that bold, sophisticated statement and last for generations to come? Ghurka luggage has several pieces that are perfect for that seasoned traveler or weekend adventurer. Discover the Ghurka brand with an interview with CMO, Anna Latkovic.

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What are some pieces of travel advice even regular travelers usually forget?

By nature, most of us over pack — even the most seasoned travelers. This leads to very little space for souvenirs or even a simple tote for exploration of your destination. We should always plan for picking up something from our travels and making sure we leave enough space to bring it back with us.  The Stowaway accomplishes both — rolls up and packs nicely into a small space for travels to the destination plus converts into a beautiful Tote while adventures take place.

Why is Ghurka the perfect Father’s Day gift?

For over 40 years Ghurka has been constructed to be inherited. A tie may go out of style, technology comes and goes but a Ghurka is a gift that can be functional every day and only gets better with time. You’re passing down a story. How often can you gift someone something that truly has a meaning and was used by someone who matters deeply to you. Our customers love to tell us their stories and how certain items have been shared between generations. It’s our legacy and perhaps what we’re most proud of. This Father’s Day gift will have roots. You’re giving it to someone extremely important to you and know that one day, it will be passed on to someone else.

Which pieces do you recommend for that special dad?

Our most popular gift for dads for Father’s Day — and even new college graduates, include our Wallet, Money Clip, Pocket, Examiner or Cavalier II.

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What are some tips for packing smart this summer?

We love packing cubes! They are so smart for summer travels and give you the ability to pack like items for easy organization. Just a small and simple thing that really makes a big difference.

Share your favorite destinations to travel to.

Our family loves to explore the world together and really get a flavor for the local culture, traditions and flavors. We are always planning our next trip — from small to big. Some of our favorite destinations include the British Virgin Islands, the sand dunes of Michigan and Kauai.

What is the most memorable adventure you have ever been on? One year we rented a private charter in BVI. There was truly nothing like exploring the open sea with those that matter most to you. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to take the time and discover the world.

Which pieces are your favorite in the collection?

Kilburn RS because it is beautiful, spacious and easy to maneuver on adventures.  Our Notebook Cover — it’s with me daily for meetings and I love the way in which it looks and fits in my note, and Pocket because it is a functional yet stylish way of storing everything from cords to cosmetics.
Anna Latkovic is the Chief Marketing Officer at Ghurka. Where each day is an amazing adventure of marketing and branding strategy, dynamic partnership relationship building with corporate accounts and content creation around branding messages. Working for many years at a boutique agency allowed her to develop skills in branding a multitude of different sectors of business from fine jewelry and diamonds to medical supplies and lumber. Outside the of office Anna is a wife and mother to four very busy boys and as a family they enjoy everything about the outdoors. // 833-782-6062