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The brand-new Restaurant at Baron’s Cove is an all-American seafood restaurant that is already becoming a favorite amongst hotel guests and Sag Harbor residents. The dining room is garnished with cheerful, cobalt blue booths and water goblets that catch your eye instantaneously and put you in that seaside mood. If you choose to sit outside on the deck, you will be gifted with an incredible, panoramic view of the marina and bay.

The culinary mastermind and Head Chef is Sag Harbor resident Matty Boudreau. Boudreau is an acclaimed chef out on the East End, having worked at Vine Street Café in Shelter Island for five and a half years. Chef originally met with the owner of Cape May Resorts last fall, with a great amount of enthusiasm for beginning his new venture at The Restaurant at Baron’s Cove. “I had a vision of great food and a great water view,” explains Boudreau. “I wanted to help create a place where I could bring simplistic, regional American food inspired by the ocean and the bounty of our farms.”

the restaurant at barons cove

I must note how professional and down-to-earth the waitstaff is at The Restaurant. I was very impressed how each individual went out of their way to make you feel comfortable and treated everyone coming in like a VIP. I loved their style of dress too, they were really dressed for the part.

Chef also worked in London in a very trendy neighborhood on the East End for three years, followed by Barcelona and Amsterdam, and grew up in New England. “I would go to the coast of Maine for fresh seafood, [which is also]  where I gained my inspiration for cooking. We have a great relationship with the local fisherman.”

There are staple menu items such as the Steaks & Chops and Classic Surf & Turf and dishes that alternate daily. Boudreau particularly favors their lobster roll on the lunch menu, that is also available on their dinner menu as the Maine Lobster Salad for $26. Chef loves vegetables, so there are a lot of side dish choices including steamed spinach, mushrooms and arugula, and garlic confit. Produce is sourced from Sang Lee Farms on the North Fork and Serene Green Farm Stand in Sag Harbor.

A dish that attracted my attention is their gluten-free and vegan Asparagus & Chick Pea Cakes. These particular cakes are made with local chopped asparagus, sesame seeds, and chick pea flour. This is a local twist to the traditional falafel, Mediterranean style vegan cakes.

the restaurant at barons cove

My husband and I ordered the House Cheese Spread: Butter crackers, horseradish, carrots and cucumbers for $8 and the Pickled Beet salad with pea shoots, almond brittle and local goat cheese for $14. I loved the fusion of summer flavors in the salad and the almond brittle, which was very unique, really topped it off well with an added crunch. The House Cheese Spread was a great sharing plate. Definitely ask for some extra vegetables and crackers on the side.

For dinner, I chose the Roasted Striped Bass: North Fork asparagus, roasted radishes & fennel, basil-lemon vinaigrette, and grilled tomato for $35, and my husband had the Rock Shrimp Rigatoni: rock shrimp, chillies, gremolata, herbs, and a hint of cream for $26. As my longtime readers know, my husband and I always share each other’s dishes. I am over the moon about the rigatoni. It is a creamy seafood spectacular and I am a huge shrimp nut! I am ordering that next time in a heart beat. The striped bass is a perfect pairing of farm meets sea. The asparagus tasted like they came straight from the North Fork farm and you could really taste the fennel with the infusion of the vinaigrette. That dish is a smart, summery choice.

the restaurant at barons cove

Chef Boudreau is member of a BBQ team that competes in Memphis. During the July 4th weekend, the resort will host his BBQ trailer on the property. “Barbecue is a real passion of mine and you can’t get any more American than that,” says Boudreau.

Desserts available were vanilla, chocolate and pistachio ice cream, pound cake, and blackberry sorbet. If I still had some room I would have tried the sorbet.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served at the resort year round. Lunch is available to order poolside and on the patio. Wine enthusiast and author Jay McInerney curated the impressive wine list.

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