Drink It Tuesday: The Splendid Spoon


Here’s to a better way to cleanse! I would love to introduce my readers to The Splendid Spoon which unlike traditional juice cleanses, does not leave out the everyday benefits of fiber and maintains the use of the whole vegetable in their drinkable soups. The Splendid Spoon makes all of their soups by hand in small batches. As discovered at the Summer Fancy Food Show, I was graciously sent five soups to try: Market Gazpacho, Cauliflower Coconut, Vegan Bone Broth, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Beans & Greens.

All soups are free of these allergens: milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, wheat, and soy. The soups are gently simmered rather than boiled, allowing for more nutrient absorption than if the vegetables were cooked at high heat (such as boiling or roasting over 375 degrees), and making the vegetable nutrients easier for your body to digest.

You may prefer to enjoy the soup chilled or heated. If you prefer to heat the soup, heat in the microwave for two to three minutes, stirring halfway through. Or, you could heat them on the stovetop. My husband and I enjoyed the Market Gazpacho, Cauliflower Coconut, and Vegan Bone Broth heated. We had the Strawberry Rhubarb, and Beans & Greens chilled.

The Market Gazpacho, made it tomato puree, cucumber, green pepper, jalapeño, and apple cider vinegar, had a pleasant taste of fresh tomatoes with a tangy spice to it. My favorite was the Cauliflower Coconut, created with cauliflower, navy beans, coconut oil,  madras curry, and dry rosemary. Many of the ingredients in that soup happen to be my favorite, and the blend of them together really hit the spot. The soup was so soothing heated.

Vegan Bone Broth is made with shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, spinach, ginger, and pumpkin seeds, to name a few ingredients. There is an undertone of the ginger in each sip, and they were very generous with the shiitake mushrooms. The taste overall is very earthy. Just one container leaves you satiated for a few hours. The Strawberry Rhubarb, with rhubarb, strawberries, fresh basil, grade A maple syrup, and Madagascar vanilla paste, was very refreshing and summery. The Beans & Greens was very hearty with its bean base. That soup tasted delicious both chilled and heated.

The Splendid Spoon was founded in March of 2011 by Nicole Chaszar to give the more than 75% of Americans who don’t eat enough vegetables “a convenient and delicious way to get their daily dose.” Her mission is to make it easier for people to consume healthy, plant-based foods every day. These drinkable soups do just that. Now, there is no excuse to not eat your veggies.

Beginning at age four, Chaszar delighted in foraging for wild carrots and berries with her mother every summer, and picking vegetables from the garden to make vegetable stew, zucchini bread, and pesto with her grandmother every winter. Honing her passion for healthy, seasonal food with every recipe, she spent countless hours in the kitchen whipping up dishes using garden-fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs that tasted as good as they were for you. Prior to launching The Splendid Spoon, Chaszar trained at the French Culinary Institute where she completed the Classic Culinary program in 2010. She has also cooked in esteemed NYC restaurants, and has taught cooking and nutrition classes at Columbia University.

In addition, you can find The Splendid Spoon at retailers including available at select NYC retailers and through Fresh Direct, Good Eggs, Farm to People and Farmigo. The soups can be shipped anywhere within the continental United States. For example, The Splendid Spoon does deliver to the East End! Soups are shipped every Monday.

The soup cleanse is exclusively available thru the website. A low-sugar, high-fiber, “real” food alternative to a juice cleanse, The Splendid Spoon offers a one, two, and three day five-pack cleanse featuring a fresh, healthy, seasonal menu. Prices are as follows: 1 Day: $55, 2 Day: $92, and 3 Day: $138. Prices do not include shipping or tax.

To achieve maximum freshness, soups should be kept in the refrigerator or freezer until consumption. If kept in the refrigerator, they should be eaten within one week of receipt. In the freezer, the soups can be enjoyed within one month of receipt.



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