Reasons Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Mattress Every 5 Years


Everyone knows how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, yet still so many people don’t usually get it; tossing and turning and battling insomnia night after night takes a toll on your mental and physical health.   

You’ve probably tried every trick in the book to get to sleep; hot baths, warm beverages, changing your sleeping position, meditation, sleeping aids, plus let’s not forget counting sheep. But the one thing you might have not considered trying is changing your mattress! Many times it’s the mattress that’s the culprit behind our lack of sleep. However, if this bed that you decide to use has the right kind of mattress made with the right materials, you’ll find that by providing the right kind of support to your spine will offer the kind of comfort you need in order to get a proper sleep.

You might not think you need a new mattress, but there are telltale signs that you do. These signs may include:

  • Feeling sleepy and tired when you wake up despite getting at least 8 hours of sleep.
  • You wake up feeling stiff or sore.
  • You actually see signs of wear and tear on the mattress, such as lumps or sagging.
  • You sleep better on other beds or a couch. 
  • You tend to wind up in the middle of the mattress while sleeping.

Eventually, all mattresses will weaken in their support, so you should consider replacing your mattress every 5 years, even if the warranty on your mattress is longer. Mattress warranties do not refer to the life expectation of the purchase. They cover workmanship and materials just like many items we use daily. You’ll notice your mattress expiring before the warranty expires.

When you keep your mattress too long, the foam and other materials inside start to break down, compromising its ability to support your body.

So here are some winning reasons to replace your mattress at the 5-year-point:

Back/spinal alignment

It’s easy to confuse the quality of sleep with the quantity of sleep. If your mattress does not properly support your spine, then even a good night’s sleep will not feel particularly peaceful. You can get your recommended hours of sleep, but still wake up with an aching back. This means you’re sleeping on a bad, old, or wrong mattress. By contrast, sleeping even just a few hours on the right mattress, you’ll wake up feeling fully rested and refreshed.


It’s very important to note that just because your bed is still in one piece, that doesn’t mean it’s supporting you properly. Under every great mattress is a great foundation. Choosing a wrong foundation can cause discomfort and diminish mattress stability, so you need to know what kind of foundation your mattress really needs. For instance, some beds use slatted foundations made of wooden or metal slats which are placed close together so that they provide the necessary support if using a memory foam mattress. These types of mattresses react to your body heat and conform to the shape of your body. This type of bed foundation also creates an illusion, making a smaller room look bigger.

Mattresses get dirty

This is a simple enough reason. Mattresses don’t just get dirty, they get very dirty and absorb sweat and dust. Water moisture (humidity) and dust are absorbed by the mattress, whether you sleep on the bed or not. To sleep well, you need to know you’re sleeping on something clean.

Bed mites

“Nighty night, don’t let the bed bugs bite” isn’t just a phrase; it’s a real thing. Mattresses can get infected with mites and this can get you sick, cause allergies, and pretty much gross you out! Anywhere there is food, you will find mites. When it’s a mattress, that food just happens to be your dead skin cells. Knowing that you’re getting a hygienic sleep is a reason all by itself to replace your mattress.

bed bedroom blanket girl sleeping


This is actually the first reason that goes without saying. But just to prove the point better, a study, conducted on 59 healthy adults, was done by Oklahoma State University, entitled: “Back Pain, Sleep Quality and Perceived Stress Following Introduction of New Bedding Systems”. Each adult had been sleeping on a mattress that was at least 5 years old. “For the preceding 28 days the subjects experienced discomfort from sleeping on their usual mattress.” However, after they began sleeping on new beds and mattresses, the results were astonishing. Overall, the new sleep conditions were able to produce a 48% improvement in back pain and a 55% increase in sleep quality.

We spend a third of our life sleeping

Given that fact, it only makes perfect sense to have the right mattress to sleep on. It’s very important for people to realize that mattresses have a certain lifespan, and you can’t just keep going on and on with the same mattress, even if it looks fine because inside, it’s not fine at all. You might like that your body falls into your mattress and fits like a glove, but it’s highly likely that your old mattress is not doing you any favors.