Timeless Wardrobe Classics that Work with Any Outfit


Fashion is an ever-changing, dynamic piece of society’s mold that is both telling of the time and the ways in which people express themselves. From the age of the blue-jean to the resurgence of the casual white sneaker, there’s a long-running list of trendy wardrobe staples that have become modern timeless classics. For your convenience and future fashionista reference, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most timeless wardrobe classics that pair perfectly with any number of your favorite outfits.

1. Crossbody bags

Crossbody bags are the ultimate answer to the busy woman’s needs. Hands-free and effortlessly chic, the crossbody sits gently on your shoulder, adding a certain touch of elegance without taking up too much space. These ultra-convenient bags tend to err on the smaller side of size, providing enough space for your cell phone, wallet, makeup products, and other little necessities.

2. Leather moto jacket

Leather motorcycle jackets are the easiest way to transform a minimalist outfit into a bold, edgy look. Not only do leather jackets look good with just about any outfit you can piece together, but they’re also built to last. No need to worry about shrinkage or damage so long as you take proper care of this timeless closet staple.

3. Ballet flats

When it comes to comfortable footwear, few shoes compare to the ballet flat. Characterized by its simple silhouette, rounded toe, and understated aesthetic appeal, the ballet flat is the versatile answer to the woman’s call for sensible footwear. Regardless of seasonal changes, these shoes are perfect spring flats, winter flats, fall flats, and summer flats.

4. Flannel

If winter and fall had a feeling, it would probably feel a lot like a flannel. These plaid button-down tops are made with soft materials and feature some of the greatest color schemes you would never think to put together. When paired with jeans, skirts, leggings, and dresses, flannels are a wardrobe must-have when the temperatures drop.

5.  Oversized denim jacket


Denim jackets have earned a reputation as being the most versatile jackets regardless of the season or weather. They’re great for a beach-side brunch, an apple-picking date, a last-minute picnic, or a journey to the outlets. They’re the perfect balance between feminine and masculine fashion, meaning they look stunning with everything from a sundress to a pair of slacks. The options are truly endless when you’ve got an oversized denim jacket hanging in your closet.

6. Simple hoops

Whether you’re big on jewelry or not, a pair of simple round hoops can make a world of difference to any outfit (find more on moonmagic). Elegant and dainty while being remarkably glamorous, hoops do much more than decorate your ears. They shape your face and add a brilliant sparkle to any dressed up or dressed down ensemble.

7. Chelsea boots

Match ‘em up with denim shorts, flowy skirts, skinny jeans, or structured dresses— there’s nothing that the Chelsea boot can’t look good with. Whether you identify your style as girly, edgy, minimalist, or bold, the Chelsea boot is a surefire finishing touch to any look.

8. Graphic tee

Hear us out— graphic tees may remind you of the days when your style taste wasn’t so refined, but a goodgraphic tee is truly unbeatable. Paired with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans or your go-to button-down skirt, a relaxed graphic tee goes a long way. Perfect for concerts, running errands, or movie nights, throwing on a graphic tee is the ultimate one-stop-shop wardrobe answer.

9. Black leggings

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Only recently have black leggings become as popular a bottom option as jeans. Hugging all the right places while delivering supreme flexibility and versatility, the black legging can be dressed up or down depending on how you style them!

10. Turtleneck sweater

Fashion and function have never looked so good. When the temperatures drop and you’re dressing with warmth in mind, the turtleneck sweater is a true 1-2 punch. Not only does the soft-knit texture of the sweater keep you warm, but the cozy turtleneck protects your neck and chin from chilly conditions.

Did we forget anything? What wardrobe classics do you reach for on a daily basis?