Tips on How to Lose Weight With the HCG Diet

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The HCG diet is considered to be a wonder diet and it deserves to be so. The reason for that is that there is no need to perform strenuous exercises or resort to a strict diet plan with the intention of shedding pounds.

According to some dieters, there is an average weight reduction of around 1 to 2 pounds every day while following this diet. In case, you are contemplating to try out this diet plan, it will be prudent to understand the basics at first. A combination protocol consisting of a low-calorie diet is employed by HCG diet together with the use of HCG hormone that comes in the form of injections or drops. (However, drops are more well-liked for obvious reasons).

The diet plan comprising of 3 phases will start with a loading phase of 2 days when you will be provided with a diet consisting of high fats to prepare your body for the protocol. This happens to be the longest part of the diet plan and it will likewise lead to a maximum weight reduction. This phase is followed by the maintenance phase or phase 3 when the calorie intake will be increased to around 1000 calories regularly and the intake of drops will be discontinued too. Although the overall outcome of the diet regime is breathtaking, you need to put efforts to get the desired results.

Below, we have provided tips that you can experiment with:

Consume a diet rich in fibers

It is imperative for the HCG diet to be super-low and therefore you must limit your calorie intake to just 500 cal every day. You must emphasize on measuring the correct type of foods while monitoring your calorie count too. It will be a sensible idea to consume a diet rich in fibers since it will help you remain full for a considerable period thus prevent you from overeating in the long run. Also, your system will digest these fiber-rich food items easily while encouraging the removal of fats and toxins from your system too.

According to experts, a person following the HCG diet must consume 2 meals every day with just one serving of one vegetable, one fruit, lean protein and bread every meal. Apart from this, you might also include other permitted food items for adding variety in your diet regime. You will come across some websites providing fantastic ideas regarding spicing up your daily diet by adding variety while following this diet routine.

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Consume green tea

Consuming at least 2 cups of green tea every day will help to enhance your weight reduction efforts to a great extent following the HCG diet. In fact, green tea will help to enhance your metabolic process and also encourage weight reduction. Individuals will shed more pounds by drinking this beneficial beverage than what they would have done under normal circumstances.

On top of this, green tea comes with many other health benefits too. It is rich in antioxidants, which happen to be a chemical substance that helps to flush out the toxic substances and fat from our system. You can also consume tea and coffee, although green tea will be a better alternative.

However, take the help of a diet specialist in case you want to try the HCG diet for the first time. Also, ensure to drink enough water during the day, which can help you become slim quickly while following the diet.

Take the drops properly

You can take HCG in the form of injections, drops, sprays, and pills. However, most individuals like to take the hormone in the form of drops. You need to take them under your tongue so that they can be absorbed into the bloodstream. It is important to take these drops in the proper way and also at the proper time to get the best results. You need to take 6 to 8 drops 3 times a day and must not drink or eat anything immediately before and after taking the drops. Take the help of an expert who will assist you to figure out the correct dosage depending on your targets and specifications. In fact, he or she might also alter the dosage in case it is not providing you with the best results.

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Exercise regularly

Although you might get good results while following this diet plan, you need to perform workouts to get slim at a faster rate. Consequently, get rid of your unhealthy habits and start exercising. Make it a point to go for a stroll for a minimum of 150 minutes each week and you will be surprised to find that your weight has been reduced at a fast pace. However, take care not to exceed the limits since you are already on a strict diet where the intake of calories is low and you might feel exhausted.

Pay attention to stress reduction

It is not unusual to suffer from anxiety and stress while following the HCG diet. You might end up feeling tense since you might not be getting the desired outcomes even after several weeks. This can affect your dieting efforts adversely. Once you become anxious, it is possible for you not to shed pounds effectively. However, you can take the help of yoga and other holistic therapies to get maximum benefits from the HCG diet. Try to get adequate slumber and rest as well which will allow you to stay healthy and also motivated. Share your experiences with other HCG dieters and get their opinions too. If you fail to get the optimum results, never feel discouraged, eventually your system will pick up later and you will shed pounds rapidly.

It will not be difficult to implement these tips into your daily life. In spite of being simple, they can provide you with wonderful results you could barely expect. This implies that you will avail of the additional benefits without putting any additional effort at all. It will be sensible to create a personalized plan for you according to your personal requirements and targets.

Also, take into consideration your medical background. For this, you can consult with an expert who can guide you better.