Top Holiday Gifting Picks with Babbleboxx

Holiday Wishlist Babbleboxx gift guide

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What is on your wish list this season? Searching for a unique, out of the box gift for your special someone? This holiday season with Babbleboxx, I have discovered some exceptional gifts that are perfect for anyone on your list, from a candle that evokes the comforts of home to a pair of lightweight headphones for the fitness enthusiast and parent on the go. Don’t be surprised if you find something that you like for yourself, you are not alone!

AfterShokz Trekz Air Headphones

The AfterShokz Trekz Air Headphones are simply brilliant. Oftentimes I have avoided running and outdoor exercises because my earbuds seemingly fall out of my ears so easily and I find myself distracted by the music. AfterShokz gives you that peace of mind where you can still hear your music and be in tune to your environment. These headphones do not block out the rest of the world, making them ideal for listening for cars, a friend approaching, your children playing, anything! The headphones are secure, lightweight, and safe to wear in the elements from dirt, sweat, and rain. Available in a variety of colors.
A beautiful, timeless piece that will surely make a statement! This Forever One halo necklace is set in 14K gold with a 6mm hearts and arrow stone, surrounded by 1mm pave stones. Moissanite is a naturally occurring gemstone that is environmentally responsible and ethically sourced. I would wear this necklace with almost any holiday dress, cashmere sweater, or silk blouse. Follow them on social media and check out their website for seasonal savings.
Holiday Wishlist Babbleboxx gift guide

Chesapeake Bay Candles is a brand that I have cherished for many years.  Their “Mind & Body” Collection is made with 100% pure essential oils that create a serene, soothing environment. Poured in the USA, their scented soy wax candles are the ideal gift for every health and wellness enthusiast on your list! Choose from three soothing Chesapeake Bay Mind and Body scents that are each designed to create a soothing effect. Shop my serenity + calm Lavender Thyme Medium Candle via the Amazon link above.

ALDI is where you can find high quality gifts at affordable prices, and for a limited time starting on December 19th, you can grab the perfect gift essentials for your favorite dinner-party host or hostess. The Crofton Chef Collection cocktail shaker and drinkware are high quality barware gifts that are a must for holiday gatherings.  My jaw dropped when I learned how reasonable their prices are! The cocktail shakers will be just $9.99 and the wine glasses or Moscow mule mugs, which both come in sets of two, will be priced at just $8.99! For a limited time only, so grab them fast!
Holiday Wishlist Babbleboxx gift guide
Join The Flawless Club! Finishing Touch Flawless gently and instantly erases any facial hair and peach fuzz without the worry of cuts or nicks.  This sleek device is 18K gold plated, hypoallergenic, and even has a built in light. Convenient for long trips, and to keep in your handbag. Your hair doesn’t grow back darker or thicker and will save you those trips to the spa (waxing, ouch)!
Holiday Wishlist Babbleboxx gift guide
Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? I was until I learned about the FUN sock company’s sheer socks. This pair is part of their limited edition Fiorucci Collection. Evoking that edgy, fun NYC vibe, these socks can be worn dressed up or down with heels or sneakers. Receive an extra 15% off at checkout with code BABBLEBOXX (expires 12/31/18) or purchase via the direct link above. The socks are also available at their two retail stores in Venice, CA, and Soho, NY.
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