Upgrading My Spring and Summer Fashion with Upbra

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When it comes to my spring and summer fashion wardrobe, nothing is more important than having the perfect bra. I am pleased to introduce you to Upbra: a bra that “keeps you up and staying up” and hugs your body for that perfect fit.

After having two children, naturally gaining a significant amount of weight with both pregnancies, nursing, and then finally losing all of the extra weight where I am now practically down to the same size I wore in high school, my chest therefore fluctuated in size so drastically. This variation in size therefore created confusion and difficulty when choosing the ideal bra. The comfort was the most important factor, I was looking for a bra that also flattered my now significantly smaller chest size while creating lift and well, just a touch of cleavage.

Over the past fifteen years, I have shopped at numerous department stores, specialty retailers, and top-name brands for bras, and most often have either been disappointing or my expectations were not met. On average, I would purchase a new bra every six months due to discomfort felt over time.

The worst was a when a strapless bra would cut in to my side and of course ‘slide down’ over the course of the day. Strapless bras were always significantly uncomfortable during those hot summer days when I would wear a strapless dress or halter top. Before becoming acquainted with Upbra, a strapless bra that stayed where it’s supposed to was nearly impossible to come by.

Upbra is revolutionary when it comes to their bra collection, and is a brand that every woman should own. Unique to Upbra is the patented Active Lift technology, a one-of-a-kind design that creates the ideal lift and the specific amount of cleavage you desire to show off.

VANESSA Gordon Kris Gordon Cancun Mexico
Pictured wearing the Upbra during a recent trip to Cancun

What keeps the Upbra in place on your body is the soft fabric inside the cups that are specially treated with vinyl hearts and when worn against the body, helps to grip the breasts and keep them in place after adjusting the bra to your desired cleavage level. To lock your cleavage in place are their evenly spaced slots at the bottom of each bra.

My current bra size is a 34A/B and I love how the Upbra has created the perfect lift and definition for my chest. Because I am technically in between sizes, Upbra has worked so perfectly for me, even while wearing on vacation in Mexico in almost ninety degree weather for an entire day (as seen in the top image). In my opinion, it would seem that I am between a B and C cup rather than and A and a B.

See below, the first image is of me from a recent trip to Australia wearing a different, branded ‘push-up’ bra, and Upbra in the second image:

Vanessa Gordon east end taste
A recent trip to Australia, not wearing the Upbra


VANESSA Gordon Kris Gordon east end taste
Wearing the Upbra in Cancun, my husband on the right.

Notice the difference? I look almost flat-chested in the first image, whereas in the second my chest has definition and lift.

With the purchase of each Upbra, they include step-by-step instructions that are very easy to follow as well as fit tips that help create the perfect bra fit. Whether you have an issue with cup gapping or the bra riding up, Upbra has the specific solution. Purchase the Upbra Convertible Strapless Bra, the same one that I own, here. Upbra also has swimwear line.

Made by hand in the USA, the Upbra is crafted with the highest quality and will instantly be your go-to bra this upcoming season (and all year round)!

https://www.upbra.com // 213-884-4980