The Village Cheese Shop

The Village Cheese Shop

The Village Cheese Shop is nestled on Love Lane just across the street from Lombardi’s Love Lane Market in Mattituck. This is the cheese shop to discover new favorite imported and domestic cheeses before heading off to the vineyards for a day of tastings. This was my first visit to the cheese shop, where I sat down with owner Michael E. Affatato, a Franco-American and wine expert born and raised in Brooklyn. He has owned the cheese shop since October of last year.

Inside the shop, you will find a wide array of cheeses for wine pairings, parties, and gifts. I was instantly greeted by the friendly and knowledgeable staff that I noticed really spent their time explaining the origins of the cheeses to customers, letting them trying samples of each cheese they were interested in. Once you have chosen your cheeses, you are welcome to relax in their seating area opposite the cheese counter.

The Village Cheese Shop

Affatato lived and worked in France for several years honing his skills with wine and cheese making. “The North Fork has a strong French influence. I speak French here at the shop everyday,” says Affatato.

At the cafe area and wine bar, along with their outdoor seating with umbrellas on the grass adjacent to the building, you have the opportunity to order your favorite cheese, meats, crackers, fondue, and sip your favorite wine. They have six different types of fondue. “I was thriving to achieve that magic between the cheese and the wine,” adds Affatato. “I rotate the wine from the different wineries in the area and have wines from France including Bordeaux, Sancerre, Burgundy, Loire Valley, all the major Appellations of France. About two thirds Long Island one third from France. People are curious about French wines and people know what to expect.”

Pecorino Tartufo was my favorite cheese I tasted. I also tasted a British Stilton cheese that my daughter loved. Alpine cheeses, and creamy bries are popular. In addition to the cheeses, there are a number of North Fork products sold at the shop including Peconic River Preserves, an exceptional pairing for the cheeses. Long Ireland Beer and coffee from North Fork Roasting Co. is also sold at The Village Cheese Shop.

The Village Cheese Shop is open seven days a week, beginning at 10am-5:30pm Sunday-Friday and on Saturday until 6pm. // 631-298-8556


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