Villarina’s Pasta and Fine Foods in Southbury and New Milford, CT


Everyone could use a little more fresh homemade pasta in their lives. One of the best places to find such a treat is Villarina’s Pasta and Fine Foods in Southbury and New Milford, CT. This little gem has been offering a range of fresh, Italian homemade foods since 1998 and has remained family-owned and operated. The journey started with their Southbury location (an easy ride from NY down I-84) with Suzanne and Stephen Eskierski, and Joanne Knees.

After years of success, the family knew it was time to grow and recruited another member of the family, Adam Fragola to oversee an additional location in New Milford, Connecticut (right next to the NY border accessibly via route 7). Both Villarina’s locations offer prepared foods, fine handmade chocolates from the Bridgewater Chocolate company, Prepared homestyle meals, signature sauces, New York bread, freshly filled cannolis, fresh and dried imported pasta, and so much more.


They also carry a well-stocked inventory of difficult to find authentic Italian ingredients. Their selection of olive oils, vinegar, dips and spreads, jams, bruschetta, and San Marzano tomatoes will entice any avid home cook. They also offer gift baskets as well as full-service catering. For those looking to entertain at home, I highly recommend special ordering an antipasto or cheese platter. They even have low fat and gluten-free pasta options. Prepared homestyle dinners are available in serving sizes for 1-2 people as well as in half or full trays for a crowd. Dessert platters are also available featuring Italian pastry and fine chocolate.

Villarina’s pasta fine foods

Villarina’s is a must for those who have a summer or weekend home in Connecticut and miss the homestyle Italian cuisine readily available on every block back home in New York. There is something for everyone at Villarina’s. Stop in for a comforting bowl of homemade soup, shop for gifts to grace the pantry of an avid foodie, entertain in style, feed a crowd, or are simply craving an authentic cannoli. // 203-917-4249