What’s In My Bag

What’s In My Bag

I thought it would be interesting to showcase what I carry in my oversized purse on a daily basis. Many of these items provided a healthy boost of energy, a sense of relaxation, and are my daily go to’s for beauty and  reference.

Below, I highlighted several of these items,  and why they are so dear to me.

Cookies n’ Cream Quest Bar: One of the best protein bars sold.  It is extraordinarily challenging to find a product with not only little to no sugar, low in calories, and one that provides such a high boost of energy with a generous dose of filling protein.

Pure and Peaceful hand sanitizer:  One of the many things that I feel most lucky about living in the Hamptons, is the ubiquitous organic  Products, including homecare products.  I discovered Pure and Peaceful at a yoga class earlier this year. I’ve been in love with the company ever since.  I carry this hand sanitizer not only for myself, but for my daughter especially.

Floral business card holder:  I find myself in a conversation with people about the eastern end of Long Island, thus why I carry my business cards around.  Very important for networking purposes.

Reusable coffee mug:  I insist that I use my reusable coffee, no matter which coffee shop.  How to curb my ordering a larger size since I can barely hold up to a size medium,  it also assists in my positive impact on the environment.  I also use reusable shopping bags everywhere I go, from food shopping to miscellaneous items. In total, I have three reusable mug this: one for the holidays, one from my alma mater, and the one pictured.

Enfleurage roll-on citrus essential oil:  I have become essential oils over the past few years.  I carry this particular one  for massaging of my temples, and pulse points on my wrists.  With some essential oils, you may need a diffuser, depending upon how concentrated it is.

Victoria Duke lip gloss: Victoria Duke  simply has the best lip gloss line.  I received this as a gift after  attending the party at real housewives of New York’s Jill Zarin’s home this past summer.  You can create your own lip gloss, and choose your own color and essential oil blend. I chose Grand Marnier. With certainty, I will be a customer for life.

Dr. Hauschka rose day cream:  The lightest, smoothest day cream. I apply at once in the morning, and have it with me especially during the wintertime.

Sunglasses: very critical while driving,  and out and about.

Change purse:  I purchased this one while studying abroad in London in 2011.  I always carry a little piece of the UK with me (Anglophile at heart).

TerraNut P’Nut Punch: One of my favorite vegan snacks that tastes just like the filling of a Reese’s peanut butter cup.

Gucci Wallet:  my favorite compact wallet I have had for over 10 years.

Burberry Scarf:  The softest, most luxurious scarf my own.  The scarf was on my “to buy list” for several years, until I scooped it up for a phenomenal deal on eBay.

That’s It fruit bar:  how convenient that you could have your two servings of fruit all in one fruit bar with zero added sugar and filler?


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