Winvian Farm in Litchfield Hills, Connecticut

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Imagine a resort where the accommodations were so innovative and awe-inspiring you had no desire to leave your cabin. Well, perhaps a quick foray into the beautifully manicured gardens and paths with 4,000 acres of protected woodland preserves abutting it on 3 sides, and maybe a meal at the award-winning farm to table in house restaurant, but then, back to the cottage promptly. At Winvian Farm resort in Morris, Connecticut, the architecture and hidden surprises in every one of their 19 custom cottage-style accommodations are the star attraction of your stay. 

“First time guests start asking all these questions about what there is to do in the area, what kind of attractions we have, then they get to the room and that immediately changes,” says Maggie Smith, owner and proprietor of Winvian resort, as she turns the lights on in the “Camping” cottage. Picture windows with built-in sculpted tree trunks blend the inside of the cabin with the woodlands outside. a canvas canopy “tent” adorns the headboard, and much like more traditional camping trips, there is a great view of the milky way after sunset thanks to an illuminated ceiling painting.

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15 architects have created each unique cabin. The “golf” cottage floor is a literal putting green crafted of different pile levels within the carpeting. Golf clubs stationed by the door are an immediate invitation to play. The “music” cottage itself can be played as an instrument. Steel pipes tuned to appealing notes as well as gongs, a giant wooden open-air xylophone, and drums made of tree stumps are all exterior features this cabin boasts. There is a cottage with an entire Sikorsky helicopter inside, a library, a stable, a secret society cottage (inspired by yale’s skull and bones club), a beaver lodge with an authentic dam inside, and a treehouse dozens of feet in the air made of eco-friendly reclaimed materials almost entirely, and so many more. Each cottage celebrates an idea or theme relevant to Connecticut history.

In 2007, Maggie turned what was at the time a saltbox colonial house, massive barn, and acres of natural landscape into the surreal destination it is today. This property was the home of Winthrop and Vivian Smith (a famous model at the time) who purchased the lot in 1948 from the locally infamous and openly quirky doctor Seth Bird. The barn was revitalized with rustic chic, exposed beams, a full bar, and a patio nearly as large. This beautiful space can be whatever the occasion calls for. Wine trade show, wedding venue, company gala. The saltbox is unrecognizable today, having been turned into a  more roomy abode encompassing several dining rooms, a game room and reception center, terrace, and apartment-style cabin decorated with antiques and design elements from the early 1900s.

Dining is equally important at Winvian Farm. Acclaimed chef Chris Eddy has created a program in which the majority of local herbs and produce are estate grown and picked right before cooking commences. His culinary performances are in perfect tandem with the elegant yet playful environment of the resort. The property also boasts a recently renovated in house spa offering a variety of individual or couples treatments running the gamut from shiatsu to hydrotherapy.

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Images courtesy of The Winvian

The Winvian has received countless awards for its dining, spa and lodging programs, being voted consistently as one of the 100 best resorts in the world by various travel publications since it’s inception. If you are destined for the Northwestern CT area in the future, I highly recommend a visit to Winvian Farm. Check your cares at the door and lose yourself in a dreamlike atmosphere where at every turn guests are greeted with the welcome surprise of superb and whimsical details. // 860-567-9600