Women’s Wellness and Self-Care: My Favorite Personal Essentials

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Until recently, I could not recall the last time I dedicated time specifically for myself and my well-being. Self-care? Personal wellness and self-gratification? It almost sounded like a different language I had never heard before. With running a full-time business and raising two young children on a daily basis, me time seemed such a long distance away.

Just this week, I began to dedicate specific times for myself during the day. This time is when I wake up in the morning instead of jumping right onto the computer, or in the mid afternoon while my children are usually resting. I instantly saw the positive difference when I integrated a self-care routine into the day. My mood blossomed, and my energy soared. My productivity has even significantly increased. All without compromising time with my family or my business.

Take Control

The last thing we need getting in the way of our day are period cramps. If your cramps are out of control (like mine) Pamprin provides that period pain relief. Pamprin Max Pain + Energy was made for the toughest period days in mind. Plus, there are added ingredients to ease discomfort like backaches and headaches, as well as bloating. Bloating is the worst and Pamprin tackles that problem! Pamprin fights my period symptoms so I never need to take time off. I can keep on with my day with complete menstrual pain relief.

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I exercise on a daily basis, and sometimes those muscles can really ache. Carrying around your two-year-old on your shoulders all about town is not an easy task either. I am personally over-the-moon with the Warming Muscle Melt Creme with Warming Cinnamon Oil + hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). That cinnamon oil paired with the silky smooth lotion is so delicious for the skin. The scent is so yummy and so relaxing. I just want to light my fireplace and cozy up with a great book!

I also use the BOTA Age-Defying Hand Lotion on a daily basis. Their hand lotion is made with Apricot Kernel Oil + hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). What I love most about BOTA’s soothing lotion is that it contains plant-based ingredients and is cruelty free! A huge win in my book. Their products are gentle and effective and free of any harsh chemicals. All of BOTA’s products are infused with the highest quality hemp oil derived from non-GMO hemp grown in the U.S., making them a perfect addition to your skincare routine.

Here’s a special treat for you! Use code WOMENSWELLNESS at checkout for 20% off site-wide!

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Self-love is a key factor when it comes to women’s wellness and self-care. Did you know that since the start of social distancing, 29% of women are masturbating more, and we are much more likely (15%) to be using more toys or vibrators when masturbating during this time. Bring confidence back into the bedroom and know that staying at home can still be sexy. Trojan Brand Condoms, a brand known for helping people explore with confidence, knows this better than anyone. The TROJAN Ultra Touch Intense Personal Massager is so easy to use. It is washable, reusable, and soft to the touch. This fingertip massager brings pleasure into your own hands. Boost your confidence and explore your sexual wellness with their 2 in 1 finger vibrator. Note: 3 replaceable button cell batteries are included.

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