WTHN Acupuncture at Rejuvenation Health

Image Credit: WTHN

Rejuvenation Health, set in the heart of East Hampton Village, is a wellness center that focuses on ancient healing practices, specifically taking a unique approach to medicine, where it connects oral health with our overall wellbeing.

Inside the wellness enter is an opportunity for individuals seeking optimal health and wellbeing to renew “the life-force within” through an integrated practice of biologic dentistry, medicine, beauty and wellness. There is also an apothecary that offers an array of products and supplements including brands like CAP Beauty, Nutrafol, Revitin oral care, and WTHN, as well as beauty products from Shiva Rose, Dr. Loretta and CAMPO. High-quality CBD from Plant Alchemy is also available for purchase. There is also an outdoor meditation space, perfect for silent reflection before or after a treatment.

I came in to the center for the first time last week to receive my very first acupuncture treatment with WTHN Acupuncture’s Dr. Shari Auth. I was extraordinarily pleased with her professionalism, attention to detail, and her soothing and tactical approach. After my first acupuncture treatment with Dr. Auth, I would highly recommend the treatment and overall experience at Rejuvenation Health. I also received a cupping treatment, with the entire session lasting forty minutes. Acupuncture is completely painless and did wonders to my body.

I had been having upper back discomfort because my two children love to ride on my shoulders all the time, and I also had acupuncture for relaxation, digestion, de-stress purposes. After the treatment and even now almost two weeks later, the discomfort is completely gone and I feel so at ease. I already look forward to coming back to the wellness center and trying their other signature therapies and treatments.

The REVIV Clinic is also located inside Rejuvenation Health. Step inside to get REVIV’d in the Hamptons with the choice of five signature IV therapies and four vitamin injections. Their IV therapies are designed to help you feel your best and deliver a blend of hydration, vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes that your body needs. Pick from hydration, wellness, beauty, recovery and our deluxe IV therapy for the complete IV wellness boost.

Images of Vanessa Gordon taken by Dr. Shari Auth

Additional treatments at the center include Emsculpt body contouring, hyperbaric oxygen, BioMat infrared therapy, LED light therapy, longevity medicine, and biologic dental services as well as guest lectures, and yoga. Dr. Gerry Curatola, the center’s lead practitioner and owner, plans to integrate the Center’s offerings into his dental treatment plans beginning in January 2020.

Shari Auth is practicing at Rejuvenation Health in East Hampton for limited days throughout the month of August. Call to book your appointment or it can be booked through the MindBody App. Rejuvenation Health currently is open Wednesday-Monday (closed Tuesdays) beginning at 10am.

https://www.rejuv-health.com // 631-907-2400