We have been coming to this East Hampton Montauk Highway location for sushi and drinks for over six years. It was once under the name Bamboo several years back, then changed to a different name, and is now called Zokkon. We arrived at about 5:30pm on a Monday evening and we were the first dine-in guests to arrive. During our meal, we had two additional tables occupied. We definitely enjoyed the quiet, laid back atmosphere as well as the dimly lit interior. There were sprinkles of orange lighting inside that set the autumn mood perfectly, as it was a rather chilly evening.

Our server was very attentive and friendly. We ordered straight away and our sushi and sashimi took a little less then fifteen minutes to arrive to us. We originally decided on one order of shrimp dumplings but in that rare occasion, we did not realize how hungry we were, so we opted for a second helping. We all had water drink and a glass of their house red/white wine.

For my entrée, I ordered their Sweet Heart roll and their California roll topped with spicy tuna, as well as two types of their tuna sashimi, two slices each. They two other individuals in the party ordered a large bowl of white rice, the California roll, and a platter of sashimi including pieces of Toro (a fatty tuna), Yellowtail, and the Shake (a Scottish salmon). The two sushi rolls filled me up fast as I also had a bowl of brown rice to pair with the sashimi. I also find that whenever you go to Chinese or Japanese restaurants, Japanese especially, that everyone at the table ends up sharing their meals with one another. The shrimp dumplings were probably some of the best dumplings I have had in a while. They hardly needed soy sauce for flavor and they were steamed just right and each piece was a generous size.

Zokkon is a terrific choice for meeting up with friends and family to enjoy exceptional dining with a tranquil vibe, where you could sit for hours tasting sushi and relishing about your day or the past week.

Free sushi at the bar is still available during Thursday evenings as part of their Happy Hour. This is when I hope to return! They are open seven days a week for dinner beginning at 5pm. For more information, please visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/zokkon.sushi


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